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Our Mission

CORE AEGIS Incorporated is the foundational block for a grand vision of innovation. We build our dreams of the future, today, and will never sacrifice quality for our bottom line. CORE creates products and services that excite and impassion, as well as provide solutions to unaddressed needs of individuals around the world. Our lens on life and making is one of ceaseless attention to detail, a strong sense of fun, and the drive to instill wonderment.


Get to Know Us

Zachary M. Kaplan

Zachary M. Kaplan
CEO, Founder of CORE AEGIS, Inc.

As the Founder and CEO, Zachary has developed a grand vision for CORE, with 8 more technologically distinct iterations to follow the first. Zach is an avid runner, skier, skateboarder, and biker who, like anyone else, loves music while exercising. He has served as a coach, captain and mentor to aspiring runners, and understands the effort and sacrifices necessary to bring CORE across the finish line. While running cross-country for New York University during his freshman year of college, he was hit by taxicabs TWICE while running with earbuds in. Zach quickly realized he needed to get his music another way. We at CORE Aegis, Inc. want to reduce further pedestrian accidents by providing the public with safer sound in a fashionable, utility-packed speaker.

Steven V. Glassmoyer

Steven V. Glassmoyer

As CORE’s COO, Steven is responsible for the relentless actuation of the company’s immediate, as well as long-term goals. Steven had already been providing CORE with financial analysis and accounting, corporate structuring, and enterprise resource planning a year and a half prior to having graduated Santa Clara University in June 2017. Following graduation, Steven will continue in these functions, as well as undertake the management of the automation of CORE’s supply chain requirements. Overall, Steven is responsible for the distillation of larger company visions into actionable assignments, and the overseeing of their completion. Steven believes strongly in the use of innovation for the benefit of others, the proliferation of fun, and the inspiration of his peers.





Name of the game; Necessity hurts.

While our founder was jogging through the streets of New York City several years ago, he made the mistake of wearing his earbuds to listen to music. He was hit by taxicabs...TWICE!

He knew he needed to get his music differently.




Solutions sometimes hit you ... like a taxi.

Our founder knew he needed better audio awareness, but he wasn't willing to give up his music. Se he took to the streets with two Bluetooth speakers wedged unceremoniously into an old backpack he then wore around.




Don't get us wrong, the backpack was great...ish.

CORE went through three years of design; from conception to present. Our founder realized along the way that he initially wanted CORE because it was a COOL idea. That helped him shape its look and feel.




Necessity and design, wedded.

Without getting hit with a few real-life realizations, CORE never would have picked itself up off the pavement. But, with sleek design, and dedication to process, it looks forward to long and happy relationships with its family.


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