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Our Mission

CORE AEGIS Incorporated is the foundational block for a grand vision of innovation. We build our dreams of the future, today, and will never sacrifice quality for our bottom line. CORE creates products and services that excite and impassion, as well as provide solutions to unaddressed needs of individuals around the world. Our lens on life and making is one of ceaseless attention to detail, a strong sense of fun, and the drive to instill wonderment.


Zachary Kaplan
CEO, Founder of CORE AEGIS, Inc.


A Message From Our Founder

Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by to check out CORE; and if you've already gotten yours, thank you for your purchase and I hope you absolutely love using CORE just as much as I do! I've had an incredible adventure over the last five years making CORE. From hand-crafted prototypes built out of foam and spare parts, to the first thousand units hot off the production line, I've loved every moment of it. :) 

A little about myself! I'm an avid runner, longboarder, skier, hiker, and bicyclist, who loves bringing my music with me wherever, whenever. I ran on the cross country team at NYU my freshman year, and got hit by taxi cabs twice while out running with my earbuds in, not being able to hear them around blind corners. I realized I needed to bring my music with me on my runs, commutes, and rides, in a different way than earbuds or headphones. 

Thus, CORE was born - from my wanting to bring fun around with me in my day to day, to creating a fashionable utility-packed wearable for those like-minded people to reduce their risk of accidents while providing safe sound. 

This is the first iteration of CORE, and I'm so happy and proud to finally get it into your hands. I've planned several new technologically distinct iterations the CORE AEGIS will make into the future, and even more customization and feature developments I hope to implement in the coming years. Join the adventure! Come be a part of our CORE AEGIS family




Name of the game; Necessity hurts.

While our founder was jogging through the streets of New York City several years ago, he made the mistake of wearing his earbuds to listen to music. He was hit by taxicabs...TWICE!

He knew he needed to get his music differently.




Solutions sometimes hit you ... like a taxi.

Our founder knew he needed better audio awareness, but he wasn't willing to give up his music. Se he took to the streets with two Bluetooth speakers wedged unceremoniously into an old backpack he then wore around.




Don't get us wrong, the backpack was great...ish.

CORE went through three years of design; from conception to present. Our founder realized along the way that he initially wanted CORE because it was a COOL idea. That helped him shape its look and feel.




Necessity and design, wedded.

Without getting hit with a few real-life realizations, CORE never would have picked itself up off the pavement. But, with sleek design, and dedication to process, it looks forward to long and happy relationships with its family.


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