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CORE AEGIS INC. is a tech and design startup with bold ambitions in many diverse fields and industries. We decided to start with wearable technology.

Our first invention is CORE, a wearable speaker. Our CEO, Zach Kaplan, came up with the idea of CORE while he was running the streets of New York City; listening to music with earbuds in, he got hit by taxicabs twice. He knew there had to be a safer, more exciting way to bring his music with him throughout his daily activities, be it running, longboarding, walking to class, or just hanging out with friends.

Moving back to his home in Silicon Valley, Zach set to designing and prototyping a wearable speaker with a plethora of fun functions. CORE now sports ergonomic, elegant, cross-chest wearability. We achieve this through the washable neoprene strap and patent pending push and twist locking mechanism. CORE's super bright LED ring will light its wearer's path or workspace for 30+ feet in the dark, and make others on the road more aware of the wearer's presence in dim lighting. A built-in microphone and large buttons allow you to pick up calls through your CORE without needing to take your eyes or hands away from your activities for more than a second. Multiple third party apps (CORE app in development) allow you to sync up as many CORE speakers as you want to play the same music at the same time. The speaker's sleek, sexy charisma makes your CORE look as good on your chest as it will on your desk.

CORE AEGIS, INC. set out to create a speaker that would become the go-to buy for all speaker needs. Ultimately portable, powerfully high quality in both look and sound, and packed with useful features other speakers on the market simply do not have. 


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CORE Wearable Speaker


CORE wearable speaker, perfect for night runs


CORE wearable speaker, powerful portable sound

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